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Top Bingo Sites - Updated Bingo Canada - Canadian Online Bingo.

USbingo EUbingo South Beach Bingo - American players welcome here.

UKbingo 32 RED Bingo - Good UK bingo site with big jackpots.

Bingo Canada  - The most popular online bingo games for Canadians !!

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Triple your money on your first deposit !!

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Big bingo promotions this week at Bingo Canada !!

Chatroom games, Instant wins, lucky draws, pattern games and more..

Shining Nuggets
- Big prizes to be won each night this week in the Dollar room.
Magic Gold Field - Several $400 prizes to be given away this week to random winners.
Great Wealth and Good Luck - You could get rich quick too, just like the gold miners of old !!
River of Gold - New deposit Special next Friday, with up to 400% bonus added in bingo bucks.
Gold Panning Game - Join CM Smiles in the Dime room to win instant prizes with this fun chat game :)

Bingo Canada is the best place for Canadian bingo lovers to play online !!

This site is brought to you by the same group that operates the popular, so you get access to all the same great games.
The CM's (Chat Moderators) at BingoCanada are what really make the site special..
Online bingo isn't just about the chance to win money, it's about finding a great site to hang out and have a fun time also.
At many other bingo sites, the official job of a Chatroom Moderator is simply to monitor the rooms and keep an eye on the chat - keeping it clean and stopping any arguments betweens players.
At BingoCanada the Chat Moderators do much more than that.
They actually host the games and get involved in the chat, welcoming new players, presenting conversation topics and running fun chat games - it really helps to make a fantastic online bingo experience and a friendly place to hang out and play a few games.

Bingo CANADA provides lots of community spirit, with great chat hosts and a really friendly atmosphere to play in.


There are various rooms to cater for all budgets.
The Dollars room provides the biggest prizes and jackpots, but the most popular places to play are the Dimes and Quarters rooms with cheaper cards.
You can also play in the Pennies room if you are on a budget - even small prizes makes the games more exciting, compared to playing for free with nothing to be won.
Many players will love the Fair and Square room - in here all players have the same number of cards and the exact same chance to win - as sometimes it can get frustrating seeing the same winners all the time when you have a session with a few big spenders buying the maximum amount of cards and trying to win every game.

There is also a nice weekly newsletter showcasing the upcoming bonus deals each week, which can really help regular players save money and get a great deal with new cards. You can also check list of the winners for recent bingo tournaments. BINGO CANADA - Free cash offer for new players this week !!

How to play:
Simply click SIGN-UP on the Bingo Canada homepage and follow the easy instructions.


- Play internet bingo with the chance to win big prizes & bingo jackpots!
- Enjoy the great collection of videoslots and videopoker games
- Have fun playing and chatting to fellow players!



SOUTH BEACH BINGO - highly recommended

Free $5 bonus this month for new bingo players.
Plus a special mystery bonus from $50 - $500 is on offer when you sign up.

South Beach is a very popular site for US players, with a funky Florida theme. There are lots of regulars here, which makes for some pretty big jackpots building up. There is also busy chat room, where you can chat and make new friends. There are some good laughs to be had in the chatrooms here.

The software is impressive with a good variety of games, nice graphics with smooth animations and fun sound effects.
South Beach offers regular Tournaments, raffle prizes, special bonuses and more !!
Sign up for the weekly newsletter for previews of upcoming offers and other bingo goodies..

Update - new VIP player levels - regulars are rewarded here:
10 different levels are available with increasing bonus gifts for players.

BingoGames Tips and hints:

Bingo Odds and Payout Percentages

Odds of Winning at Bingo

The most important odds in bingo are the mathematical odds of winning.
These odds of winning are fairly easy to determine in a bingo game and it’s simple for any players’ math level. The simple calculation is to take a look at the number of cards available; we will use 60 as an example. Then take a look at how many cards you are playing. If you are playing three cards out of the sixty in total, then the odds of winning would be would be 5%. A player that had bought 6 cards would have a higher percentage chance at 10%.
It is much easier to calculate the odds of winning when playing online than it would be if you would have to count your cards manually.

Payout Percentage

Online bingo is not like the other casino games online. When you play your money at an online casino, you can email the support team and get a payout percentage in your email, without having to do the calculations yourself. In bingo, it’s much different, and changes with the number of players in each room at the time - it is therefore up to the player to determine their individual payout percentage chances.
To estimate the number of cards in play, you would take the number of players in the room and multiply that by the average number of cards that someone might play in that room.

How to determine your personal payout percentage is not as hard as one might think. To make it simple, the player takes the total amount of the prize pool and divides it by the total cost of the cards. For example, if you are playing in a dollar room, and the game of 80 cards would cost $80 and the prize pool for a single winner was only $60; your payout percentage would be $60/$80= 75% RTP.
This number will be accurate no matter what you play or spend on the game, or if you win or not. If you decided to only purchase one card in the 80 card game, your payout percentage would still be at 75% in the long run. Using this calculation is accurate, and your best bet for winning is to find the game with the highest payout percentage offered.

The more players in the room, the lower your chances of winning are, but on the other hand, the prizes will be higher. Players will find their personal balance between winning small prizes more often, or holding out for less frequent but bigger pots.

Number Frequency and Jackpot Odds
Many bingo players would tell you that some numbers are called more than others, but in actuality all numbers have the same probability of being called when playing bingo. The online game is based on a random virtual hopper and all numbers in the game of 75 ball bingo have a 1.33% chance of being called, while 90 ball bingo has a fewer percentage at 1.11% because of the number of balls being used.
What are the odds of hitting one of those massive progressive jackpots while playing bingo online? There is no way of knowing those odds in a simple way, unfortunately. Every time a player purchases a card it increases the progressive jackpot, and the only thing that is for certain is the higher the jackpot climbs without being won, the better your chances of hitting it. The theory behind this is that the players have contributed money to the jackpot many times over, so when you are playing it at its peak; you are playing for more money, with a greater value of hitting the mega prize, while still buying in at the same amount.

Other Casino games

Other games provided at bingo sites are generally slots games, scratchcards, and videopoker. Of these games videopoker has the highest percentage payouts at around 97-99.5%. Many good players can play for hours on end at videopoker, and keep their balance around the same amount.
Online Slots games have a payout percentage payout of around 92-98%
The average slot online is around 95% which is higher than games in a real land casino such as in Las Vegas. The slots there are around 92% payout rates
Of course these are all long term averages, and the chances of leaving ahead in an individual session are around 50/50 , otherwise no-one would ever play. provides reviews of the best bingo sites with great games, good reputations, and generous bonus offers.


uk flag Best UK bingo sites:

In the UK? - We recommend 32 RED BINGO



32Red Bingo
is one of the biggest UK bingo sites.
It advertises frequently on UK television, so there is always a steady supply of new players.
This helps to keep the chatrooms busy, as well as bumping up the sizes of the jackpots - the more players, the bigger they go..

This is a fun place to play, with various rooms to switch between, and lots of side games and slots available if you fancy a change from the bingo.

UK bingo games 90 Ball UK bingo

- recommended for UK BINGO GAMES

Get free bonus bingo cards, with your first deposit !!

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Top Bingo Sites - Updated Bingo Canada - Canada online bingo games.

USbingo EUbingo South Beach Bingo - USA players welcome.

UKbingo 32 RED Bingo - 90 Ball bingo for UK players.