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UKbingo 32 RED - £20 free at 32 RED UK bingo.


SPECIAL OFFER - $25 free for new players !
No catches. Vic's Bingo welcomes all new online bingo players
with a completely free $25 sign up bonus, to help you get acquainted with the games.

The very first time you make a real deposit, your account will be credited
with a 250% First Deposit Bonus . eg deposit $50 get $125 free.

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Boost your first deposit this month !!

VIC's BINGO offers an fun bingo experience with a friendly old fashioned theme..
American players are accepted and the casino offers $25 free to try it out for yourself with no deposit required - always the sign of a good site.

Vics has recently changed to the popular Parlay software. This software is already well known to most online casino players, and the new bingo games promise to be just as popular with bingo lovers - Bingo players can also play all the existing casino games and slots under the same account.
These are professional modern casino slots - not the typical simple one-line slots found at most other bingo sites.
The site is easy to navigate and the games are simple to understand.


You can choose to have your cards auto-daubed and auto-arranged.
The cards change colors as they come close to winning.
You will never miss a bingo, as it is automatically called for you :)
It's good to let the software take care of the cards - this way you can relax and chat during the game with your fellow players, half the fun of playing online.

VICS still puts the focus on bingo first - this is a a great bingo site with a lot of community spirit:
Great friendly chathosts, regular competitions and bonuses, a fun weekly newsletter with articles on the big winners, great games with changing themes, patterns and big jackpots!


There are some great new bonus offers this month, with many cash prizes up for grabs. Also check out the current competitions.. Win big cash prizes, a Hawaiian vacation , iphones etc

cash prizes bingo prizes iphone


Every time you hit BINGO in the Galaxy Room, you win an entry into the draw. The lucky winner will be cruising to Hawaii in the Penthouse Suite :)


Regular bonus cash is added to your deposit amounts to make your sessions last longer and add more entertainment value. Bonus cash and Real cash is kept in separate accounts. Bonus cash can be transferred over to real cash, once wagering requirements have been met - these vary depending on the promotion or your VIP level - In general, you must wager 3 times your purchase amount or spend 95% of your cash balance when trying to meet wagering requirements in order to qualify for bonuses.


player gallery

VICS BINGO has many regular players so you will soon come to recognise the regulars
You can post your photo on the players board , or more info in the Birthday Club area..

Over 300 bingo patterns to play!

candle pattern  bingopatterns  bowtie  butterfly  arrow 
Daily Bingo Specials

From Guaranteed jackpots to random cash prize giveaways,
Bingo Progressive Jackpot Games, Cover Alls, and Bingo Tournaments.

All players can win extra cash prizes in the chatroom! Your friendly CM (chat monitor) will decide what additional chat games to play when the bingo is running. As the cards are autodaubed, it is easy to have fun in the chatroom, especially at the start of a bingo game when there are plenty of numbers left to call..

Examples of the cool chatgames available include:
BOO - Pick one B number and two O numbers. First one to post wins bonus. When all three of your numbers are called post 'BOO' in chat for 2 bonus bucks. You must play at least 3 cards to win any Saturn Bingo Bonuses.

Bowling With Winston -
Win on an odd number and its a Spare - your chatroom buddy above and below get 1 bonus bucks each. Win on an Even number and it's a Strike. Your buddies above and below win 2 bonus bucks.


Bingo Etiquette
When playing any game online with other players, there are certain rules one must follow to keep the environment fun, upbeat and enjoyable. There are general rules that require just common sense, and when it comes to bingo there are specific rules players should remember while in the room. The chat feature is an option, and players that don’t wish to socialize among other players should stay away from the chat room in general.  The environment is always welcoming and friendly, but there are some players that aren’t as nice as others, and there are ways to handle certain situations no matter what the issue is. Here are some key rules when playing online and taking part in chat room fun:

Yelling: Typing in CAPS is considered yelling or screaming in a bingo chat room, so it’s best not to do it. Other players may find it rude, or even annoying. Make sure you type in lowercase letters; yelling isn’t necessary to get the attention of the chat host or other players.
Colours: the Chat Host will usually type in a different colour than the other players. Stay away from using the same colour they are using, as it could easily confuse other players.
Vulgarity: When playing online, the chat room will be full of adults, and all players are expected to act their age. No swearing, cursing or sexually explicit comments are acceptable. Please use your better judgment when, and think before you type.
Security: Don’t ever give any personal information about yourself out in the chat. This is not only unsafe; it could make other players uncomfortable. If you would like to exchange phone numbers or email addresses with another player, the chat room will usually have a private message feature for just those things.
Complaining: No one like to lose, and it’s very frustrating to be on a horrible losing streak, however; it’s in bad taste to complain about the site, the players or the chat host in the chat. If you have a concern about the site, it’s better to take it to support or even PM the chat host.
Derogatory Comments: Please use common sense when talking amongst other players. Players all over the world with different backgrounds, age groups, ethnicity etc. are taking part in the chat, so keep any rude comments to yourself. This should go without saying, however there are those people that would like to rile up the crowd or pick arguments with others. Keep the playing environment fun for everyone.
Soliciting: Never ask another player for money. It’s extremely bad taste and is highly frowned upon by the chat host and bingo site management. This is a for sure way to get banned from your favourite bingo site for good.
Welcoming new players: As a player, you remember the first time you entered the chat room. Make sure to welcome new players in a fun way and get them excited about being in the room. Cheer on your fellow players, as you would hope they do for you !!


Fully licenced and Secure

The site is operated by Saturn Gaming Ltd, a UK registered firm providing professional gaming and management services to both the online and land based gaming industries. The Company has offices in the UK and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
All Managers hold executive Gaming Licenses issued by the Gaming Boards of the UK,USA and Australia, with many years of experience. The group aim is to offer customer satisfaction through safe and reliable games, and the highest levels of customer support.

All gambling results are determing by the use of certified RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS.
These are tested monthly and certified to be 100% random
Deposit and Withdrawals are handled through a variety of secure and trusted banking methods.

RECENT PROMOS: (new promos and competitions every week to keep things fresh! )

Haunted Attractions - Look out for the 10 spooky patterns in the dollar room to win bonus prizes.
Bewitching Times - Special 300% deposit bonuses and raffle entrys to win a big screen TV.
Candy Apples - Sugar coated treats in the Quarter Room - special patterns with fixed prizes of $250.
Sewing Costumes - Win any special pattern game, then send in a costume pic to win an extra $300
Popping Popcorn - Special dancing games in the Fair and Square room this week with various jackpots
Gothic Fairies - Pick 4 numbers in the Desperate Housewives room to represent your winning fairies..
ZomB Goats Chat Game - Join CM Leon to play this cool chat game this week for extra bonus bucks.

A Good Year - Hidden prizes of $1000 in the Dollar room could give a nice start to the new year.
Falling Snowflakes - Pick lucky snowflakes for this chat game in the Desperate Housewives room.
National Bird - Special dancing games themed on America's national bird - the majestic Bald Eagle.
Sherlock Holmes - Play the special magnifying glass pattern to celebrate the famous detective.
Holiday Resort - It's a time of year when many like to get away for a winter break and hit the beach.
The King - Join in the crazy room speed bingo sessions on Elvis's birthday to win some big prizes
Trivia Day - Special promos including Candlestick delight, Triple Tuesdays,and rebound tournament.

Letter Writing - Play the special letter pattern this week in featured rooms to win big.
Walt Disney - Celebrating entertainment at its best, join the promo in the Dollars room this week.
Hand Puppets - Special shadow play promo in the Quarters room featuring special patterns.
Chinese New Year - Special dancing games in the nickel room to celebrate the Spring Festival.
Ice Sculptures - Fun packed games with $750 Guaranteed prizes in the Crazy Room this week.
Ice Skating - Special chat game with CM Looney where you pick your lucky numbers..
Snow Angels - Type 'Snow Angels' when the white number comes up to win chatroom prizes

>Spring to Spring - Check out the fresh new Spring Room with a discount cards promo.
Human Rights Day - Collect the Peace Pattern wins in the dollar room to gain a $300 prize.
Gilda's Hunt - A Grand Prize of $5000 to the winner of this special bingo chat game.
Ice Mountains - Look out for the letters that spell 'ICE' in the Quarters room this week..
Popeye the Sailor - Anchor pattern games in the Quarters room have some special prizes.
Man's Best Friend - Join CM Panda in the Crazy room to play this fun chatroom game.
Pancakes Glory - Bingo by ball 33 or on ball N33 to win a nice bonus prize amount.

Garden Party Time - Special games with prizes of $4000 each day this week
Sand Castle - Relax in the Quarter room for 3 days of bonus $1000 games.
Glass of Lemonade - Mix up your drink for bonus games in the dollar room.
Cherry Cherry Lady - Hidden prizes in the Quarter room on Monday and Tuesday.
Wardrobe Refresh - Try out the new High-Low games in the Crazy bingo room.
Green Tea Chat Game - Join CM Cosmo to brew some tea with your lucky numbers.


VIP Rewards program and Loyalty Program

All new players are automatically enrolled in the best bingo rewards program online. Basically the more you play, the better deposit and chat bonuses you get.

The loyalty program offers 4 status levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with each level more bonus bucks whenever you deposit, and STAR POINTS, the more you play.
Players can transfer their loyalty points into the rewards program to order a choice of fantastic gifts, unique gifts, hampers, even an exotic vacation..

It pays to play at !!!



new - $25 free plus mystery bonus !!!

1.  Also a 250% promotion with your first deposit eg deposit $50 get $125 free.
 You must wager 40 times your free bonus before you can withdraw any winnings.

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Fancy a change from the bingo?
Check out some of the coolest slots and videopokers available online.
You can even open several windows and play some slots and bingo at the same time !
Players favorite slots include the awesome T-REX game, and the Wild West themed PAYDIRT.
Other fun games are available such as Keno, virtual blackjack and roulette etc..

An good old friendly experience at this fun bingo site..
All US players welcome.

Licensed RTG gaming software. As well as fantastic bingo games, players can also play over 100 real casino slots games, such as TREX, Paydirt, and The Three Stooges. Some huge progressive games are also available with million dollar jackpots.

$25 free plus 250% First Deposit bonus !!!

1.  Email customer support with your Player username to get $25 free.
 For the 250% bonus, enter coupon SAT250 in the cashier page.

USbingo CAbingo EUbingo


Play $1000 games every Hour and $10,000 jackpot games!!!

Special Themed Bingo Games are also available every single day
eg Monday Movie Madness - with Projector, Chair,and Popcorn patterns
Big surprise jackpots, every hour between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.

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