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Bingo Billy is one of the biggest online bingo sites and is famous for its ongoing bonuses so there are plenty more opportunities for free cards once you sign up.
Every single day of the year there are bonus games and specials where you can win big jackpots and get deposit bonuses eg a typical Monday Bonus would involve 250% BONUS on every deposit made, with even more for loyal VIP level players.


Some free cash to play with, to get the hang of the game..


Bingo Billy uses the trusted PARLAY bingo software. This is industry-standard software offering guaranteed fair bingo games and bonus games.
A RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR determines the numbers.
You also get to enjoy a great mix of fun 3d slots and videopoker games. The slots games are just as good as a real casino, plus they can be played for as little as a few cents a spin. Nice to have if you fancy a change from the bingo.

Regular players love the huge range of over 300 bingo games available.
There are a variety of special promotions, with $1000 Jackpot bingo games every hour, and special $10,000 or more Jackpots occasionally.
Over $2 million in total prizes are awarded every week!!
And loyal players also earn special Bingo Billy Bucks.
Every game is played until there is one or more winners.
Games with 2 or more winners will share the prize money evenly.

   300 patterns available!

PLAYING EXPERIENCE gives you a great online bingo experience.
The graphics and sound effects are excellent and you will hear all the sounds of all the bingo calls.
You can play by downloading the software, or online using the online 'flash' versions
The games are simple, easy to understand and well presented and the 75 Bingo balls are color coded to match those used in your local Bingo Hall.
Most games you can play with up to 24 cards.

There are plenty of differently themed bingo games to play. You can use the optional autodaub feature so you will never miss a number, and you can also pre-buy cards for an important game to ensure you don't miss the start.

There are plenty of friendly bingo chat rooms to talk to fellow bingo lovers and the friendly chat monitors - the chat rooms can be great fun!!. The chatscreen and all the details you need to know are built into the same main page, so you don't have to keep re-arranging windows.
The bingo chatrooms are also great for playing chatgames with other players - the CHAT MODERATOR runs side-games where you can win bonus bingo bucks. A cool game is neighbors - where the 2 chatters listed on either side of a jackpot winner also win bonus prizes !!!

Bingo games and Specials run all day - 24 hours per day, so you never have long to wait to play a game.

   bingo specials every night!

Recent Bonus Games - New promotions every single week !!

Cool Refreshment - $2000 prize for the player who wins most in the Ice Cream Sundae pattern.
Grandma's Cookie Jar - Play the Quarters room and look out for the letters that spell 'Yummy' !
The Candy's Surprise - 10 lucky winners this week will win random deposit bonuses up to $200
The Sweetest Gift - Special prizes awarded in the Nickel, Dimes and Quarter rooms.
Sweet Words - Chat Game with CM Beavor on Friday between 5-7pm EST -
- Everytime someone wins, say something sweet using their nickname to win bonuses !!

Chinese Feast - Hidden games in each room every night between 6 and 10 EST.
Rebound Tournament - Play for entry tickets to the $1000 Rebound tournament.
Red Envelope - Special games this week with $500 prizes on the hour in the Quarters Room
Hanging Scrolls - Watch out for the Special LETTER C patterns this week with $2000 prizes
Hilda's Revenge - Funny Hilda V Gilda promo this week in the Desperate Housewifes Room !!
Trial By Fire - Win one of the lucky Fireworks pattern games this week to gain extra money
Water Dragon Chat Game - Join CM Goofy in the Desperate Housewifes room for instant chat prizes

Capital Romance - Romantic themed Bonus games every night this week in the Dollar room.
Romantic Restaurants - Treat yourself to a nice meal with hidden prizes of $350
Tell a romantic story - Tell romantic stories in the Desperate Housewives room to win $200 bonus
Gifts with passion - Take advantage of the big bingo deposit bonuses of up to 400% this Friday
Valentines Day party - On Sunday the Fair&Square room has an hour of Coverall patterns.
Walk in the Park chat game - Join CM Crazy in the high roller room to win extra Bonus cash.
Gadgets Galore- Win gadgets every day this month - Ipads, kindles, big screen TV's etc
Unique Place chat game - Join CM Annie in the Nickel room to join in this fun chatroom game.

Oktoberfest - Look out for the Dancing Shoes pattern to win up to a $2000 prize.
Latin Wisdom - Win $500 cash one hour every day this week in this dollar room bonus.
End of Harvesting - Cool competition where you can win $50 prizes for another roomie.
Garden Relaxation - Look for letters that spell out DAISY in the Desperate Housewives room
Apple Frenzy - Opportunity to win some extra $50 spot prizes from the chathosts on a coverall win.
Picture this ! - Nice competition for roomies to take the funniest photo of themselves playing bingo.
Fall TV Chat Game- Join CM Ryner in the Dimes room to take part in this fun TV based chat game.

Forefathers Tribute - Win a fireworks pattern to gain entry into the special US bingo room.
Green Independence - Big money BBQ patterns - hot dogs, Burgers, Drumsticks and Fries !!
Addressing the Nation - Win up to $700 for winning a special US flag pattern on 4th July.
Saluting our Heroes - Win special raffle tickets when you make a deposit this week.
Night Sparks - Deposit bonuses all week - get up to 4 times your loading amount
Yankee or Dixie chat game - Join CM Crazy to play this interesting chatroom game.
Red, White or Blue chat game - Another fun bingo chat game in the Nickels room.

Gift Giving - Play special games in the Desperate housewifes room with prizes up to $1500.
Christmas Tree - Special patterns in the Fair and Square room where you can win big.
Deck the Balls - Different prize games daily, throughout the twelve days of Christmas!!
Reindeer Games - chatroom game with CM Giggles - pick numbers to represent reindeer.
Christmas Carols - Phone customer service and sing a carol to $20 added to your account !

Great Reasons - Collect 10 winning games in the Quarter room to gain entry to this big money game.
New Year Resolutions - Email Bingo Billy with your resolution - the best one wins a $500 bonus !!
Glass of Champagne - Win up to $7000 cash in this big prize competition in the dollar room.
Fresh Start - Get 10% cashback on any deposits this week to try your luck again.
The Fireworks - Collect firework pattern wins this week to be awarded special bonus prizes.
Prepare for the Party - Log into the Quarters room to play this cool chat game with CM Amy.
Great Hangover - Pick a lucky number in this fun chatroom game with CM Leon to win bonus bucks.

Female Villains - Play Nurse Ratched's pattern in the Desperate Housewives room this room.
Blood Thirst - The dollar room offers cool Dracula themed games for huge money prizes !!
Dark Secrets - Look for letters that spell the word MINDS in the Quarter room.
Real Life Villians- Big deposit bonuses on Friday - Earn up to 4 times your deposit amount..
Evil Wizard - Cool bonus promotion - inspired by Voldemort, the Harry Potter wizard
Mobsters chatroom game - Join CM Sassy to play the World of Mobsters chat game
The Joker chat game - CM Hawk presents this fun chat game in the Dime room this week...

Perfect Photo - Art and Photography themed bonus games this week in the Dollar room.
Enjoying Art - Collect 5 EYE patterns in the Desperate Housewives room to win a $200 bonus
Keeping the Past alive - Themed games in the Fair & Square room between 5 and 6 EST.
Family Album - Play speed bingo in the Dimes Room with $600 in prizes to be won every hour
Breathtaking Views - Big deposit bonuses this Friday - grab up to $500 extra bingobucks..
Learning Is All chat game - Join CM Granny in the Quarters room to win $$ in this chat game.
Make It Shine chat game - Another fun chatroom game with CM Sheila in the Dimes room.


The site is operated by Winward Hall Ltd, one of the largest online gaming operators.
The bingo games are hosted on multiple reliable servers, using 3rd party audited random number generators
Winnings are automatically credited to your account when you have a winning card, even if your computer becomes disconnected from the Internet during a game or if you experience any other technical problem that might prevent you from completing the game.


Got a problem? Just pick up the phone, or connect using the live help feature.
Friendly operators are standing by 24/7 , 365 days a year!

For all technical related questions including game disconnections and game errors,
For all questions relating to your accounts including banking, account credit issues,

24/7 Customer/Tech Support
Toll Free: 1-800-274-7345 (US only)
E-Fax: 1-703-991-8879


Won a big jackpot and want to cash out? No problem. Unlike some online Bingo Hall, won't make you jump through hoops just to cash out your own money.

Enter Bingo Billy

Bingo News:


Bingo regular, Texs , recently won $34,000 in the high roller room.

The jackpot size prompted some comments on the site's bingo blog.
The prize had climbed relatively high for this room and attracted a lot of players from other rooms, which some regulars found frustrating.

One player complained that many more players than usual were in the room, purely to chase the jackpot, and were drowning out the friendly chat between all the regulars.
And with over 100 people in the room at any one time, the chat games were hard to keep up with.

Or is this the real reason - Frustration that the jackpot had been built up by regulars, but could be won by a lucky 'outsider' ?
This is no different than real Bingo Halls, where a new player can come along, and win a huge bingo jackpot. It's all just down to who is holding the lucky cards on the night..

What do you think? Should prizes should be capped at say $10,000 and pay out more often, or should they keep increasing until there is one big winner?


Lightning Strikes Twice For Lucky Bingo Player

Slots and bingo player, Marie from Boston, USA has just won her second $20000 payout in as many months at one of the biggest bingo sites on the Internet, Bingo Billy.

This incredible feat began in January when Marie hit the jackpot while playing slots and bingo at the same time, winning an amazing $23,000.

Then, last month, Marie hit the maximum jackpot payout on the ‘Three Times the Riches’ videoslot , which amounted to $20,000 from a $10 wager.

“I feel great, wonderful, super… I’m ecstatic!” said Marie after her second big win. “I love BingoBilly, I like it a lot. I play bingo every morning with my coffee and I’m back again most afternoons.” Marketing spokesman, Scott Logan, said that winners such as Marie are not uncommon. “It is pretty rare, however, to have one of our players win two big jackpots, such a short time apart.”

“We pride ourselves on the number of big winners that we have and the fast payouts they get. Our customer service and accounts teams are always highly praised,”

“I’ve been treated very well at, said lucky winner Marie. "Any problems I just call up they always have an answer. And they are always pleasant to deal with,”

When asked what she would do with her second big win, Marie said the money would be put to good use. “I will pay some household bills and help out my children and grandchildren.” offers a wide range of exciting online games.
Bingo is the main attraction, but there are also a great selection of slots, plus videopoker and keno games.The site awards over $10 million every month in prizes !!
Players enjoy some of the most innovative and fun new games, along with 24-7 service. - new players bonus  

Also recommended this month:


We tried out these popular virtual bingo sites recently, and they are pretty good fun!
You pick a table to sit at and chat through speech bubbles!
A nice new approach to online bingo. Check it out.

UPDATE - US players can no longer play at JACKPOT LINER.
We recommend BingoBilly for US and Canada players.


bingo liner

Jackpot Liner is totally different from all other Bingo Halls available online, because of its cool 3d graphics. You pick a character then sit down at a 'virtual table'
When you type at the chat screen, a speech bubble appears with your words above your character!
You can also see by the color of the other players cards who else is close to calling..



The partner site of JackpotLiner is Geisha Bingo. The 2 bingo sites use exactly the same software, the only difference is the theme of the site. Bingo Geisha is a Japanese themed bingo room. You can chat to people in the whole room, or just at your table. Like Jackpot Liner, you can also play a nice selection of cool slots and pull tabs.

GEISHA BINGO - update - this room is now closed, and players have transferred to Jackpot Liner

VICS BINGO - SISTER SITE of Bingo Billy offers an exciting, fun and easy to understand bingo site with a friendly bunch of fellow bingo lovers to play with.
You can play over 300 bingo patterns with your friends 24/7.

Specials are updated regularly, so you also have fresh games and bonuses. If you want you can subscribe to the popular 'Vics Bingo Newsletter' to get all the latest news and offers.
Chatroom games and bingo tournaments are also available. also has one of the best initial bonus offers on your first deposit at 100% and up to an amazing 200% on subsequent deposits.

Big Bingo Jackpots

$10,000 jackpot games
$1,000 jackpot games every hour

Community Benefits
- Photo Album - Everyone likes to see who they are playing with! Share your face with Vics Bingo for the photo album and you will get a free $10 BONUS ..


24 / 7 Friendly and helpful Chat Masters
Newsletter Chatters Bonus games!
Regular Chat Games

VIP Players Program

As soon as you make your first deposit and play bingo for real cash, you gain automatic enrollment in the Vics VIP Club. The more you play, the more points you will earn - you can increase up through the levels giving you a higher deposit bonus every time you play at the site!!! Banking Options has a good number of banking options so it's as easy for you to deposit and play Bingo for real cash as possible. Neteller is the most popular option as it allows players to withdraw any winnings directly into their Neteller account, instead of having to wait for a check.
(Credit cards are one way only - you cannot receive any payments, plus many credit card companies do not allow online gaming transactions) With an online account you are free to spend your own money, as you want.

Visa and MasterCard - deposits only
ePassporte - (simi liar to paypal)
Citadel - popular payment processing option.
Western Union - leading money transfer service.
Bank Wire Transfer - for larger amounts

Minimum Deposit Amount is $25 USD.
Transactions are processed in US Dollars. All deposit methods use 128-bit highly secure transaction methods.

Internet Bingo at Vics bingo

Additional Games

Flash Video Poker - Fun videopoker games are available if you fancy a break from the bingo.
Slot Machines - Play on the nickel machines or go for big jackpots.
Keno - Random dice game.
Pull Tabs - online version of the classic pull tab cards.

Gaming License

Fully Licensed in Costa Rica, one of the world's foremost authorities in the online bingo industry means you can be safe in the knowledge that is a licensed and credible online bingo operator.

Bingo Software by Parlay games are run on the excellent Bingo software developed by Parlay software, which means you get the most advanced, yet easy to play, bingo games available:

A choice of download software, or non-download flash bingo games.
Color coded balls and auto arranging cards
Full audio, so you don't miss a call..
Loads of fun games available via fast game streams.
option to Pre-purchase cards before the next game
Optional auto daub options - the software will automatically call bingo for you even if you miss a number.
Exciting new games and features added on a regular basis - some of the new slots games are great fun and can be played for only a few cents..
Enter Vics Bingo
- check out the latest promotions for new players. - ENTER HERE


1. 150% match bonus when you sign up eg Deposit $50 get $75 free
2. Up to 250% on other deposits with increasing VIP levels.
3. Birthday Bucks!
4. Regular Chat Game Bonuses!
5. Some of the best daily bingo game specials available online !

Plus you get to play the superb BingoBilly Bingo Games to win real cash and regular big jackpots !!!!


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