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A BBC article focuses on the growth on online bingo and the fall in traditional Bingo Halls in the UK. The number has halfed to around 400, compared to 800 at the peak of their popularity. Many players prefer playing online because of the faster speed of the games, and automatic card marking allowing the ability to chat to other players during the game, compared to real world halls where players remain largely silent during games, to hear the ball calls.

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Virgin Bingo is now offering Money Back Specials. Nobody likes a losing session, but get some consolation at Virgin with 10% of any bingo losses back after each days play. Cashback will be credited to your account the next day. Tuesdays are even better with 20% cashback. UK players only.

Popular bingo chain Mecca is in line for a LOO OF THE YEAR award at it's Catford branch in South London..
The British Toilet Association dishes out the reward each year for spotless and stylish premises.
Mecca's Bingo Hall on Plassy Road received a 5 star award for it's high standards of cleanliness and funky decor including images of celebrities on the cubicle doors..

Buzzword Bingo in typically in the news whenever a popular new TV show starts a new series.
Previously seen in LOST and HOUSE, this time it's BURN NOTICE BINGO
Cross off your square whenever one of the typical events happen including the Split Screen Hat Trick, or Sam drinking A Mojito.

Sarah Palins Bingo
Sarah Palin is on the receiving end at this Entertainment Weekly satire article.
Tune in for Sarah Palin's Alaska Special, and take a shot whenever Sarah unleashes one of her favorite catchphrases, including "Mama Grizzly", or "You Betcha! " has finally paid off it's name in full. is probably one of the most valuable website names online. first bought the name back in 1999 for $1.1 million from Bingo Inc.
However, the price included an agreement to make ongoing payments to Bingo Inc, at 4% of gross revenues for the next 100 years. has now came to an agreement to pay off the remainder of these payments for $900k in stock.
As a result, the original owner, Bingo Inc, now owns around 30% of the company.
Was this a good deal? Probably, for both parties. Bingo,Inc was pretty wise to retain a future cut in payments, and has now ended up with almost 1/3 of the company. has the security of full ownership of this valuable domain. The site has almost 2 million members and has recently moved to the UniBet software platform.

Anyone for Drive In Bingo ?

Irish bingo lovers in Couty Meath are taking to their cars for a night of fun in a field..
Drive-In bingo organiser Seamus Davis says that players are loving it.
"It's a great laugh ... and if you get a line, simply beep your horn"
Food and prizes are delivered direct to cars by delivery boys.

One of the reasons for the craze is said to be the ability to smoke again whilst playing.
Irelands smoking ban in public places has hit attendances at traditional bingo halls all across the country over the last few years. Some think the craze will turn out to be just a fad, unlikely to survive over the winter months, but many expect it to stay popular in summertime months, especially as the low costs allow bigger prize money payouts than traditional clubs.

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