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Each month we list our favorite bingo sites to play online.
We look out for the best bonus deals and the biggest current jackpots!

Top Bingo Sites - Updated

USbingoEUbingo Bingo Billy - US players welcome here.

UKbingo 32 RED Bingo - UK bingo site with many members.

BingoBilly  - The most popular bingo site for US players !!

$5 free to try out the games at BingoBilly

Plus new players can double up on their first deposit !!

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Big bingo promotions this week at BingoBilly !!

Bingo chat games, Instant prizes, fun patterns etc

walk in the parkcraft mania

Walk in the Park - Special coverall games each day with fixed prizes of $500
Craft Mania - Collect Prize patterns in the Desperate Housewives room this week.
Modern Heroes - Hidden patterns to celebrate Red Cross Month and lifesavers.

Gildas Hunt, Georgia - The latest chapter of this ongoing game has a $1000 prize..
Godzilla Chat Game - Pick a letter to be your personal godzilla, along with 3 numbers.
Race to the Moon Chat Game - Join CM Hawk in the Dimes room for fun chat games.

Bingo Billy is currently the biggest bingo site for American players, featuring fun games and a great bingo community.
The Chat Hosts are great fun, adding a real sparkle and friendly atmosphere to the chatrooms - it really helps make a great online bingo site.

players gallery  bingo blog offers lots of community spirit - Great chat moderators and an online bingo blog where site members can share their photos, bingo stories, jokes, recipes etc..There is also a nice weekly newsletter showcasing the upcoming bonus deals each week, which can really help regular players save money and get a great deal with new cards. You can also check list of the winners for recent bingo tournaments.

USbingo  Bingo Billy - $5 free for new players to check it out !!



USbingo   SOUTH BEACH BINGO - highly recommended

Free $5 bonus this month for new players.
Plus a mystery bonus up to $500 is on offer when you first join.
SouthbeachBingo is a very popular site with a tropical paradise theme.
There are A LOT of regular players, which results in some big jackpots
when the progressive games come around. The software is very slick,
with nice animated graphics, and good sound effects.
There is also busy chat room, where you can chat and have some good laughs
when the games are running. - Highly recommended.
For more info on this USA bingo site, click here.

Update - new VIP levels - regular players are rewarded here:
10 different VIP levels are available with increasing bonus gifts for players.


Bingo Canada - Best online Canadian bingo site.

One of the biggest Canada bingo sites with lots of regular players.
All Canadian players welcome - Get free bingo bucks to try out the games.

The games are presented in the common 'flash graphics' format, so you don't need to download any software - simply log in and play online. All you need is a nickname and password.

The Fair 'n Square Room offers games where all players buy the same amount of cards, and have exactly the same chances to win - great if you're getting frustrated with a few players buying up loads of cards and trying to win every single game..

It's a good idea to switch between the different rooms and games, depending on what specials are going on at the time. Check out the Schedule for daily bonus games or tournaments.. also offers some nice side games including reelslots, videoslots, keno, and pull-tabs.

Also recommended this month:

USA Bingo - update - no longer accepting new players

USAbingo members can play in various bingo rooms - Each room has a colorful theme with different voices reading the numbers, and groovy music whenever there is a winner.
Check out Bingo Central with 'The Cafe' , 'The Gems' and 'Good Luck' themes.
For fun chat check out the busy Desperate Housewives Lounge.
Players on a tight budget can hop on board the 'SS Low Max' - This economy ship-themed room features the same great bingo games, but with smaller cards and prizes.

BingoGames Tip:

How to Get Free Bingo Money

Online Bingo Games have becoming more and more popular in recent years, and for good reason. Bingo has been part of popular history for over 100 years now and the game has advanced beyond anyone expectations.
Today, players can enjoy the rush and thrill of a fun bingo game from the comfort of their own armchair, and even win lots of real cold hard cash!
The best part of playing online for many players is the rush of knowing there could be a huge jackpot prize pool waiting on the other end of that game, but there are even more aspects to playing online bingo that go beyond the cards.

The first step is finding a good place to play that will treat you like a VIP no matter your bankroll. Online bingo is a lot different than online casinos because it is more social, so players should search for a site that they will feel comfortable talking and playing with other enthusiasts.
Other online players often have the same passion for the game as you, so you never know who you will meet and play with. Many players have some good new friends through online bingo after playing together each night in the chat rooms, then emailing or adding each other to their Facebook or Google Plus pages, and sometimes even meeting up in real life - often for a few bingo games in the 'real world' :)

So online bingo isn't always about the cash.
Sometimes it can just be as much fun playing and chatting for free.

Now comes the fun part, finding a site that offers free money!
Yes, free money!! It’s an important part of playing online, and who doesn’t like to get free stuff ?

Most online gaming sites now offer a no deposit bonus to get started in their establishment as a way of saying thank you for choosing their site..
Players often don’t realize that real cash can be won using these free bonus offers, and money won can even be withdrawn once the terms and conditions are met - usually a playthrough requirement that requires the bonus cash to be gambled several times over.
This is only fair when you think about it, otherwise the bingo sites would go bust, as everyone would sign up and instantly withdraw the free cash..
The main point is you can get hours of fun playing with the freebies, and a fair chance of turning it into real cash.
As well as free cards for signing up, a good site will offer regular deposit bonus deals where players get a certain amount of bonus cash in addition to their deposit. eg a 100% deposit bonus would give $50 free to double up a $50 deposit.
One of the main benefit is that a deposit bonus helps your balance last longer when you do play with real money. Its no fun to go on a losing streak, and realize your balance is zero before you know it.. Sites that offer good deposit bonuses, tend to have more loyal players, who feel they have got value for money even if they haven't won in a bingo session.

One more way to get free bingo money when playing online is to interact in the chat and play the chat games that happen on almost all the online bingo sites. Usually the sites will have a blog or a newsletter detailing all the bonus games that will take place in the upcoming week, so set a reminder in your diary to take part in one of these chatgames, if you like the sound of it.
These games are designed to be entertaining rather than a way to get rich, but the few bingo bucks that are offered will certainly enhance your playing time, and give you more games for your hard earned money. Chat games are not only somewhat profitable they are also entertaining, and keep you engaged during the game itself.
These games are usually pretty simple, and you will soon catch on how to play them. The CM or 'Chat Moderator' will explain the rules at the start of each game, or repeat them if requested.

So, when choosing an online bingo site make sure to check for their free money promotions. Finding the bonus offers is easier than one might think, its just a matter of checking out which place offers the best ones, and most regular deals for existing players.

Recent Promotions:

Bubble Bath Day - Special bingo promo for this fun day with hidden gifts of $500 and $750
Hot Chocolate with Spices - Enjoy a winter treat with prize patterns in the fair and square room.
Ice Skate and Mulled Wine - 4 hidden prizes in the Desperate Housewives room this weekend.
Mysteries and Discoveries - 2 secret prizes every day in the Quarters room to discover this week..
Gildas Hunt Oklahoma - The latest leg of this cool bingo promo has a $1000 cash prize..
Herbs and Spices - Join CM Sassy in the Desperate Housewives room for this fun chat game.

Diamond Room - Check out the sparkly new diamond room with a special prize promo.
Morning Flight - Wake up with some early games in the Quarter room with $1500 prizes.
Take our Breath Away - Themed games to celebrate the classic Top Gun movie this week.
Hey there Kids - Desperate Housewifes room offers some Disney theme bonus games..
Gildas Hunt #2 - The Wyoming leg of the cool Bingo competition with a $3000 cash prize..
Haunted Hotel - Join CM Sassy in the Nickel room to play this fun game in the chat room..

Doggie wants a new sweater - Big prizes to be won this week on the Pet based patterns.
Carnival for Pets - Prizes from $200 - $7000 this week in the Fair and Square Room.
Team Bingo SmackDown - Team up with other players to win cash prizes for your group !!
Make it with Style - Dress up your pet and look out for letters that spell the word 'Style'
Put passion into it - Check out the Desperate Housewifes room for fun bingo ladder games.
DogHouse Chat Game- Join CM FluffBun in the Dimes room for this fun chat game with spot sprizes :) has done a lot of the research already and promotes only the top bingo sites with the best promotions. All of the sites listed here are safe, fun and most of all exciting !!


uk flag Best UK bingo sites:

UK bingo games - We recommend 32 RED BINGO


32 Red Bingo is one of the busiest online bingo sites in the UK.


It advertises frequently on UK tv channels, so there is always a regular influx of new players that keeps the site active - The bingo chatrooms are always busy here, which makes for some fun chat games.
Another advantage of a big site is the higher online jackpots, and the speed at which they go up again after a win.

32 RED has had a makeover recently so the site is even more easy to operate. All the games can be played from your internet web browser with flash technology, so their is no need to download any software - simply add the site to your bookmarks, and hit it up anytime you feel like a few games.
There are some fun rooms here with different themes and features.
eg you can play in the Friendly Lounge, the Sunshine room or the Speed room for faster games.

UK bingo 90 Ball bingo games

Daily bingo bonuses on offer !!


Get £32 in free bingo cards, with your first deposit !!

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Best Bingo Sites

USbingoEUbingo Bingo Billy - US players can play here.

UKbingo 32 RED Bingo - UK online bingo games with nice bonuses..