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Did you know?

- Bingo is the most popular game of chance in the world.

- Some rural communities in America play Cow Patty Bingo - This started of as a friendly game where farm workers could bet, but has spread into a fun and popular fundraiser for small churches and clubs. A field is divided up into squares, and a raffle is held with the winner buying the square where the cow does its business first !! Often a local high school football field is used, as it is already divided into areas.

- In North Carolina, it is illegal for a bingo game to last over 5 hours.

- Bingo the Movie starred a runaway circus dog with amazing abilities.

- The biggest bingo game ever held had over 60,000 players, at New York's Teaneck Armory in 1934. A further 10000 players were turned away. Traffic jams blocked the roads for miles around.

- Irish bingo is a kids game where players must sit down when their number is called and the winner is the last one standing. There is a adults drinking game variation, where everyone must take a shot when their number comes up !

- Professor Carl Leffler, one of the early pioneers of US bingo, was reportedly driven temporary insane, after making up 6000 unique number variations for early bingo cards. Nowadays computers can do it instantly.

- Many bingo players have some kind of lucky charm, lucky clothing, or lucky numbers.

- Most bingo players say that winning money is not the most important reason why they play. Enjoyment and socialising comes first, and winnings are just a bonus.

- 'Bullsh*t Bingo' is an irrelevant game invented by office workers to spice up boring meetings. Common management phrases are ticked off a card each time a speaker mentions specific words or jargon eg 'thinking outside the box' , 'proactive' ,'team player' , 'synergy' , 'leverage'

- In Australia, bingo is known as 'Housie'

- In German, a version of bingo was once used to teach multiplication tables to kids.

Bingo Jackpots

Lately, bigger and bigger jackpots have been becoming more popular on the Internet, made possible because of the large number of online players.
Online bingo offers some of the most outrageous jackpots available.
It's no wonder so many people are taking part in trying to snag these fortunes. These huge prizes are certain to be won by someone, so take the time to understand all the different kinds of bingo jackpots that are waiting to be hit.

One type of jackpot is one that is triggered only every once in a while. Occasionally, a special pattern may appear that can result in a massive special jackpot being hit. Often these are offered on special occasions and holidays - eg a Christmas tree Pattern on Christmas day.
If a player manages to get a complete design with the special pattern within a certain number of draws, he or she will win that jackpot. Typically, it's easier to win these types of jackpots, and it's always a nice surprise when the opportunity occurs.

In addition to bingo jackpots being won for specific, random events, there are many that are running 24/7, some reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars for the tiniest of bets. To win these progressive jackpots , the object is to completely black out a bingo card within a small number of draws.
The challenge is difficult, but lucky players are hitting these jackpots every so often. If you get off to a good start, it gets pretty exciting if you are on track for a massive progressive prize - you can generally see the jackpot ticker on screen if one is available, along with the number of balls needed to hit it.

Some progressive jackpots are designed to be spread among all players, adding to the incentive to play. It's difficult to hit a jackpot yourself, but it's not all that rare to watch someone else hit one. Some bingo websites give 50% of progressive jackpots to the player who hit them, and the other 50% to other people who were staking in the same room. No other game lets you win big just for being in the right place at the right time !!

Bingo is one of the most simple and fun games to play. However, since it has made the move to online gaming, there are also huge progressive and local jackpots to be won. Best of all, there are plenty of promotions to give players the best shot at winning these phenomenal bingo prizes. Be sure to take advantage of the offers that reputable rooms give their players to stand the best chance at winning big.


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