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UPDATE - Bingodrome has shut down !!!

From their site:
"It is with great sadness that has decided to cease operations in the wake of current events and the passing of the United States Internet Gambling Enforcement Act."

NOTE - It is not illegal for American players to play casino and bingo games online. It is SPORTS BETTING that this legislation is trying to hit. But all gambling operations are tarred with the same brush by many banks. The new measure have made it much harder for banks and credit card companies to pass money to companies that offer gambling services.

For a great bingo site that still accepts US players we recommend:

South Beach

South Beach Bingo is part of the great BingoBilly group and uses the same software.
They are famous for having one of the biggest chat communities online for bingo games. You will enjoy this site just as much !!!


Flash bingo games with fun chatroom sound effects !!!!

BingoDrome is a relatively new bingo site, but has won many awards already from the bingo magazines, including Best New Bingo.
Their flash game software requireds no downloads and is probably the most modern online. It is packed with options and feature, yet still simple to understand..
This is a great friendly site and is recommended if you like to have fun in the chatrooms while playing the bingo games..

    bingo players

Post your photo in the roomies gallery and get $5 bonus !!!

One cool feature allows you to pick a bingo room theme:


Now there are some fun sound effects to play with in the bingo chatroom.
Click the sound effects button and get a list of all the cool sound samples to play with:
For example tying in LOL, will play one of various funny cartoon laugh sounds to everyone !!
There are plenty of fun sound effects to play with : Congratulations sounds, Cartoon voices, Elvis soundalikes, Cute voices, GO GO GO chants!!
Of course, you can turn off all the chat sounds in the options, if you prefer..

Play Bingo in the Main Room with 10, 25c or 50c cards
In the Square Deal room at a fixed rate of $2.50 for 10 cards.
Or play for big jackpots in the High Rollers Rooms at $1 per card !!!


play online bingo

bingodrome square deal room

10c, 25c, 50c
Games (min 1 Card)
$10 000 Super Jackpot (On the hour)
$1000+ Progressive (3x Hourly)
$100, $75, $50 & $25 Cash Blitz

New games and promotions every week
24/7 Chat Leaders (some of the best!)
Tons of great bingo chat games with prizes
Built-in Mini Slots (with big payouts)
No Downloads needed.

new - has opened a SQUARE DEAL room, where all players buy a fixed number of bingo cards...
10 cards at 25c each = $2.50 per game.

If you are in a room where someone is winning all the time, then chances are they are buying up as many cards as they can afford.
Check out the Square Deal room where everyone has the same chance to call bingo !!

BINGO DROME - best site for fun chatroom sounds

>  auto daubing - your computer does all the hard work.
>  great chatrooms with friendly chathosts.
>  200% sign up bonus this month.
>  whichbingo site of the year.
>  fun chat sound effects !!
>  built-in slots game!



Ever played at ?
BingoBilly host many great online bingo promotions including the first world bingo championship.
This is one of the first bingo sites anyway, and has many happy regular players. is proud host of many great online bingo events including the First World Championship of Online Bingo.
With over $250 000 of guaranteed prize money, this event is one the biggest Online Bingo events of the year. Check out the latest promotions at Bingo Billy. There are new promos every week, themed with the season and special days. This is a great place to play.


Bingo Billy - Play Today!

update - has now closed.
For a US friendly site, we recommend SOUTH BEACH BINGO


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